Radio/Street Tour - The TM's View


Having spent half the week waiting for the guys to recover from there bout of the flu we finally hit the road today and headed off to Oxford for an interview with Oxford 107.9fm with the lovely Sophie (Brucey) Bruce. I spent most of the journey having to convince the boy's that I really did used to be a Bus Driver!!!

En route we visited a service station that Mike was convinced was the greatest service station in the WORLD..... IT WASN'T!! They Had Free Wi-Fi which evidently wasn't free, one positive was the McDonalds. You don't get many of them on the motorways of the UK! We finally arrived at the Radio station a little early so Rob and I invented a great game based on the kids favourite "Curb Ball" with a little twist which we entitled "Curb Ball Tennis"... Clever hey??!!

The Interview itself went really well and was aired on the Breakfast Show Thursday morning, we even managed to bag ourselves a little treat from "Brucey" in the form of Bubblegum flavoured air freshners which we inhaled all the way to Bath where our Travelodge Penthouse awaited us......


WOW, that was some "quiet" night out... We started the evening with a lovely 'Curry and a pint' jobby and then managed to find ourselves in an "O'Niells", we were sooo excited!! It turned out ot be an open mic night and Clark managed to act like a Diva within about 30 seconds by telling the guy running it that he was in a band and they were awesome!! So the boys played a couple of songs and then we had the great idea(it seemed that way at the time) that I would replace Ad in the band for a song and sing a cover.... That didn't really go to plan, I could literally only remember the chorus of both songs we attempted so now had my 4th nickname in a week "Chorus Craig".

Despite all of the above and quite a few orange juices later I still managed to drag myself out of bed at 7.30am and go save the Rubybus from those horrible Traffice Wardens.... We then hit the road for Bristol where we played an awesome "Street Gig" and met some very interesting people. Today was also documented by Uk Undiscovered, big shout for Craig and Andy who had to leave Leeds at 4.30am to get down to us. We had a really good day filming and the footage will be available for you all to see real soon, Thanks again guys. It was then off to Andover Sound for interview which was a great end to the day(Thanks to Shirley for a fun interview and the pens and stickers for our little collection)...


So, me and the boys had a bit of a lovers tiff last night, they seemed to think that going to see Stonehenge was more important and potentially life changing than me getting to watch Football?!! I didn't agree so we went our seperate ways, well for an hour or so anyway. With our marriage guidance out of the way we headed down to Amesbury to find somewhere to eat, which almost caused our second ruck in as many hours. The boys wanted another curry and after the awful smells that I had to contend with at the hands of Mike and Ad after our previous nights ruby murray there was no way that was happening!! We eventually settled on a lovely village pub and the rest is history as you would have seen in the previous blog!!

We made our way to Portsmouth first thing for an interview and session with Express FM which was again real good fun and Rob managed to take the first points in our secret interview challenge(all will be revealed at the end of the tour)... So for our final Street gig of the week we headed to Southampton where we managed to pitch up in the centre of the High street for one of our best street gigs to date. Special thanks go to the guy with the Flower stool who's pitch we intruded on and also for selling us some lovely bunches to take back home for the WAGS!!

It was a great start to the Street/Radio tour and the guys are really starting to shine in the interviews, i'm really looking forward to the next leg of the tour and hope you've all managed to make it through all the waffling in my "first debut" Blog to thank you all for you're continued support and welcome the new fans we've met through the week....

Until next time!!