Regional Radio Tour… Imminent…

Had the very cool news today that we'll finally be hitting the road again on April 23rd… For our first, full REGIONAL RADIO TOUR! Over 2 weeks on the road in as many towns and cities of the UK as we can fit in… visiting all the radio stations we can… with maybe a few naughty street gigs on the way… We can't wait!

We should know the full route by Friday, so we'll let you know where we are going to be and when… It would be great to meet some of you all in person!!!

Get thinking of where you think would be good/weird for a FULL, unexpected band gig and we'll see what we can do… If any of you have any "ins" with the local police/councils and can keep them off our backs when we do it that would be good too! :-)

We seem to have gained the tag "Kings Of Guerrilla Gigs" now, so we may as well live up to it!

Watch this space!

Tune in for tomorrow's episode, working title "About Time We Washed The Van Then…"