Sunday- A deserved day of rest!

It’s been a busy week this week! Starting in Hampshire for ‘Car-Fest South’, we played in the VIP tent with a high calibre of guests including the headliners The Kaiser Chiefs! It was our first experience of ‘Glamping’ too and I can assure you, a posh bed doesn’t take away the noise, the freezing cold or the hangover in the morning; But there was a smashing breakfast to help assuage the latter! 

During the week we’ve been back in the studio working on some new tunes. I’ve had man flu and am claiming it helps me write lyrics- Sleeping all day makes for more dream-like inspiration, honest! :) Ad’s also discovered the vocoder this week; you can hear a lovely little ditty here: 


Then we went to play at Jamie Oliver’s ‘Feastival’ on Friday where we ate ‘festy specials’ of lobster sandwiches and paella before playing to a lovely crowd of people who stuck with us through the spitting rain! Cheers guys! Here’s a little mash up of our pics taken this week. 

Upcoming: We’re excited be playing Old Trafford next week as part of our ‘Ambassadors of music’ role to the amazing ‘Soccer-X’. And then we’ll be leading into our new single ‘Lovers Of New York’ Feat. Lee Ryan in a few weeks. A few TV slots on the horizon too so keep your eyes peeled for announcements next week… Exciting times! 

See you all soon.

Rob and the boys. X