S.A.H.D...in Bournemouth!

We got on the road again yesterday for another week of street gigging across the UK. Having seen the rain forecast we took our time getting on the road by organising a little something for the VIP members (coming soon) ;0) We arrived at just past dinner time which is always a drama in the camp! It seems to be the case that we all have the same co

ndition of sarcastic, argumentative, hunger disease (SAHD)! The result was us indecisively walking around Bournemouth for an hour looking for our favourite food establishment... The Harvester'! ... But we couldn't find it. Instead we found a lovely little Italian joint called 'Pizza Hut'. After soaking up the authentic Italian culture (and several pizzas), we headed back to our budget hotel where we had previously 'Shotgunned' the top or bottom bunk of our prison style room for the night. Won't be coming back to this hotel!

After a jolly good nights sleep, we woke up bright and early, trotted down to the breakfast room in our bare feet and PJs only to find that, as usual, we're too late! We jumped in the van to find our own 'Toady' and then headed down to the pier on Bournemouth's seafront where we set up the gear in a record time of 15 mins, 27 secs! We got a good set in before being stopped by the police but then we were suddenly surrounded by the owner of the Pier, a restaurant owner, a Bournemouth council member and several members of staff in the area asking us all to play at their events! So it looks like we'll be coming back to Bournemouth to play at the band stand, on the pier and for the air festival in a few weeks time!

We're back in the van now on our way to Exeter... I'm getting a little travel sick writing this on the windy roads so will love and leave ya'll! We've been doing lots of radio interviews on our tour... We've got a busy day of them tomorrow so check us out live...

Thursday on BBC Radio Devon from 11am. Radio Plymouth from 4pm. Phonic FM from 7:45 Exeter FM 8pm for an hour "Takeover", where we'll be spinning our favourite tunes and playing a couple of live acoustic versions of our own songs!

Hope to see you at a street gig near you!

Lots of love,

Rob. x