Snow Time Like The Present

Snow time like the present! Hello, G'day, Hyvaa paivaa, Konichiwa and Pnawn da!

As everyone in the UK will know, the snow has seen the country grind to a halt!

So... while everyone is at home, with nothing to do, other than think of funny snow puns for their facebook status, we thought we would send you out a newsletter to keep you entertained!

First up, here is a BRAND SPANKING NEW video of "Screaming Surrender", recently performed in a LIVE acoustic session. Hope you enjoy. (feel free to comment on the youtube video and send to all your friends!)

In other news... Our slot at Singfest 2009 has been confirmed so we will be heading out to Singapore this coming August to play at the festival, and other gigs around Asia. This year's line up is still being finalised, but last year saw Jason Mraz, Alicia Keys, Panic at the Disco and One Republic play, so hopefully this year will be even bigger and better.

We're still working on our debut album, and have been spending more and more late evenings in the studio working on new tracks, and re-mixing some of the old ones! One of our songs "Don't Feel So Low" is just being polished off and mixed by Jeremy Wheatley, who has mixed some great records, by acts such as Razorlight, The Feeling, Stereophonics and (Ad's favourite singer), Leona Lewis!

We're hoping to start performing the new songs at our next couple of shows, and can't wait to get back to street gigging as soon as the weather picks up! For those of you who've seen us play on the street before, you'll know how it works. We pull up, unload the gear, fire up our trusty generator, and play as many songs as possible, before the police turn up and move us along! We've made many friends, in many different towns and cities over the last year or two, and hope to make this year the biggest yet! If you know a good spot where we can play in your area let us know!

We'd like to rap this up, and let you get back to the snow puns, by reminding anyone who hasn't yet downloaded our FREE 4 track EP, to do so by visiting and entering the Voucher Code: 4H7K3F.

As usual, please help us by forwarding the link (or this newsletter) to as many of your friends as possible! Help spread the RUBY-LOVE!

See you all soon, Rob, Mike, Ad, Clark