So this is Christmas... And what have you done?! ...

...A load of shopping!

This is the point where we panic buy our presents and if you're anything like me, you're annoyed at yourself every year for not doing it online in time! You might see us scurrying around Brighton so make sure you say hello!

Seeing as today's post is about shopping and money, we might as well share this video that we made on tour to our special VIPs. 'Gold Rush' was written in France when we were there for 6 months struggling for money! It was the time when we left our part time jobs to concentrate on the album with James Sanger... And although we had to survive on bread and cheese a lot of the time, we also had some of the best times together as Rubylux. Gold Rush is about remembering that material things or riches don't necessarily make us content in life... As fun as they are at the time! Enjoy!