"Spread The Love Tour 2011" - Episode 1

So I can report that what started out as a tongue in cheek title for the tour does seem to have caught on a bit... I've entitled the blog "Spread The Love Tour 2011" - Episode 1 to make it sound like part of a series to try and inspire us to make more as the tour goes on... Make sure you hold us to that!

So, here's a little video of what's been going on so far. Making his debut appearance in a Ruby-vid our good friend Mr Sam Hughes, who took our Tour Manager Craig's place in the Ruby-bus for the first leg of the tour!

You will remember Craig from the video last year 'Displatches' where we tried to help him quit smoking... We are in talks with Craig and the production company (us) about doing a '1 year on' video to see how he's getting on. We'll keep you posted on how negotiations go!

Anyway, here's "Spread The Love Tour 2011" - Episode 1