Straight from the potty mouth...

A big mug... with a cup of tea HEELLLLLOOOOOOO, Salut, Ciao, Croeso, Halo, What's happening? How is it going?

I can't remember my mind being this excited and worn out on creating since I was 3 and managed to "make" on the potty for the first time without any help. Anyway...

Since being out in the studio we haven't really had a lot of time off except for the 2 gigs we came back to the UK for. We played a handful of new songs to our amazing group of friends and fans and were overwhelmed by the response! Thanks to everyone who came, think the after party from the Coalition was more of a success ;)

We've had a lot of Ferry journeys since the summer and are getting very used to just jumping in the reclining seat, reciting the on board safety announcement and nodding off until we arrive (hopefully) in the desired port.

The journeys have taken a new twist! Since the death of "Mo" our Van, we've decided to help out our community and jump on their buses between studio and port. Josette the bus lady would actually be far better suited in a rally car, WHAT A DRIVER! Seriously she's throwing this coach around the country roads as if she just realised that she had left the gas on.

In other news... Rob had been working so hard in his little Vocal cave recently that he got Chill Blaze on his toes, so he would appreciate socks this Christmas more than ever! The rest of us would appreciate any of the following..

• Underwear • Chocolate • Beanie hats • Assorted crisps • More chocolate

• Silly Putty • Crazy Glue • Mental Magnets • Daft Draughts • Any MB board game, mouse trap preferred, oh but what was that other good one, erm... Marble Madness!!! was that MB?

I digress... I haven't really got much to say except THANK YOU to everyone for your support, we appreciate every one of you that comes to the gigs, has bought our EP's and Tee's, who will buy our EP's and Tee's, everyone who has downloaded our songs off iTunes, Amazon etc, everyone who has signed up to the RUBY-Club (First 100 gets their NAME ON THE ALBUM!!), everyone who is our friend on Facebook and has suggested to others, everyone who watches our YouTube Videos (More to come soon), everyone who posts comments, insults and suggestions and finally everyone who has a fetish for stuffing strawberries up your nose then with a quick snort, manages to get them into their digestive track...

If I don't see you before Christmas, I'll see you through your window...

Hope you all have a fan-dabby-dozzy holiday and buy lots of Rubylux gifts for your loves ones ;)

Time for another cuppa'tea. Sugar?

Clark XXX