Street food......

I just had my first experience of the Vietnamese "Street Food", and it was AMAZING!!!  A nice bowl of tofu, noodley, herby, tasty watery stuff and a nice fresh Passion Fruit juice!  Apparently the street food can cause a "dodgy belly" in those not used to it, but an hour after and all is well... I'll keep you posted with any developments! In other news, we just managed to squeeze in a short break to hit the beach for a couple of days in Phuket, Thailand...  We hired some Jet-Ski's, drove around in some Dune Buggies, and sat eating dinner through the biggest storm I've EVER seen!  We will upload a video of our adventures asap!

We are now back gigging, and we are going to try out our ustream TV channel on Saturday to try and broadcast one of our shows...  We'll let you know details and give you the link before then, but it will be around 3-4pm UK time this coming Saturday, so stick it in your diaries!

Er...what can I tell you about the others......

MIKE:  TROD ON A RAT!  It happened last night, I'm gutted I missed it but I have it on good authority that the rat and Michael were screaming as loud as each other, I wish it had been caught on camera!

ROB:  HAD HIS BIRTHDAY!  So, we obviously just had a nice quiet night in and played Scrabble, you know us!  I'm still not feeling to good after all X tiles I picked! Has anyone ever written Xylophone in Scrabble?!

CLARK:  NEARLY DIED!  The rope from a Parasail hit his neck when he was on the jet-ski!!!  Fortunately he lived to tell the tale (263 times so far, getting more and more dramatic and less and less true each time)

ME:  WENT ON FACEBOOK!  Going on Facebook isn't too easy in these parts as it's blocked in a lot of places...but I managed to get on earlier and was shocked to discover everyone has forgotten how to spell!!!  I'm not the best speller in the world but here's my favourite smelling mistakes of the day in reverse order -

3: Peice (as in give PEACE a chance)

2: Sence (as in this girl's status doesn't make any SENSE)


1:Sagestions(SUGGESTIONS)  Nuff said!


Mike haz promist too blog next, so come bac soon!

Hẹn gặp lại!  (See ya later)