Life in t'Studio


Hi Guys, Currently back in the studio, putting the finishing touches on our new album. It's really coming together now.

We've been a little bit quiet recently, but we're working hard, and making sure when we release our new stuff, it's bigger and better than ever!

In other news, I've developed an addiction to cashew nuts, Ad can't stop playing this tennis game on his iPhone, Clark is currently watching a video of a crazy old woman on YouTube, and Rob is almost certain he was sat next to Yoko Ono on the train yesterday... Hmm!

We played a great show with Russian superstars "Mumiy Troll" last month. It was amazing to play some of this material to a sold out O2 Academy in London!
20120925-122918.jpg We have a few big shows coming up over the next month or two, including London & Brighton. Tickets are going really quickly, which is always amazing to hear!

Anyway. Better get back to the mixing, otherwise Clark will have found some way of shoehorning a sample of this mad old YouTube woman into our next single!