taste festival

Now this is my kind of festival... FOOD! DRINK! MUSIC! GREAT FOOD! DRINK! MUSIC! BETTER FOOD! The 4 of us are currently nursing food babies from stuffing our faces at the London Taste Festival at Regents Park.

Mike got to pour Larger in 3 different varieties of presentation... "Milk" was questionable, but apparently it's a thing in Czechoslovakia?

Seriously though... what a great festival, if you like your food... you get to eat at Le Gavroche, Savoy, The Cinnamon Club... all within a few 100 feet of each other, passing a few freebies of Old Amsterdam (what a fine Gouda) cubes of gold, a couple of shots of Singleton Whiskey (that goes well with some type of chocolate??...) some more cheese, Olives that fall apart in your mouth etc !DRIBBLE!

Here are some picture highlights...

Oli Farrar (personal fave from MasterChef: The Professionals '11) This guy has skills! Oli Farrar

And Michel Roux Jnr... LEDGE! Mimi

I'm off to make some beans on toast now... might even pop some milk in the beans from all the festivals inspiration...

Clark - Chef de cuisine