THAT One Direction Video...


Just over a week ago, we released our video online! Thanks to everyone who has already watched, commented and shared! A week later, we see that X-Factor's One Direction have released their video... And there are some glaringly obvious similarities! This is clearly just some mad coincidence, as I'm sure theirs was shot weeks, if not months back. I just thought it might be a good opportunity to talk about how we did ours...

In some ways, it is flattering that some people are drawing comparisons between the two, as the budgets for both video's would have been WORLDS apart.

Major labels tend to have a habit of spending pretty much as much as they can on their video's, and this video probably cost close to £100,000. Ours on the other hand... We found a super talented, up and coming director, who has been a close friend of ours for years. We came up with a simple idea together, and decided to start pulling in a few favours. We managed to borrow the great camper from VW Kampers, a great Brighton based company who are fans of ours! They were more than happy to help out!

In fact our biggest expense for the whole video was probably a BBQ and a few Beers for our friends and fans who attended the shoot! It's the least we could do! Our fans make up a big part of the video, and we really wanted them to be involved!

I'm not slating major record labels, but can't help but think if they took more of a DIY approach (and some are) that so many great new bands are doing (and doing brilliantly), they would be able to sign and support more up and coming talent. And not find themselves in the mess that a lot of them are in! Band's need time to grow, and spending a million quid in a year, on videos, photo-shoots etc... and then just dropping them a few months later seems like a crazy business plan for any type of company!

Anyway... Kind of a loosely related blog! In summary, we think the One Direction video looks great! Brilliant job to everyone involved! But they could have made 100 videos for the same price, and probably achieved the same great end result!!

It's no big deal for us, but we thought we'd better address the situation...

Here's both the video's in their full blown Orange Camper Van glory!