The Journey

Some of you may know... some of you may not... We are very humbled by having a song off our new album THE WORLD GOES QUIET being used as the Lead Track for a film called "The Journey"

A while ago at one of our street gigs, some random chap walked up to our collection hat... picked it up... and walked around the gathered audience making sure that everyone popped a few quid in for the gig... That chap had a name... and that name is Lance... and that name precedes a surname... Nielsen. Lance Nielsen.

Little did we know, that Lance had a story to tell, a story so big that a film is being made about it!!

Anyway, I wont spoil the story as there's an event next week at the Roxy Bar and Screen where you can see the Trailer for The Journey yourself!!! Book a seat or a table through the facebook event page! £50 a table, that price covers entry and a bottle of chosen grog :)

Carol Jackson (Lindsay Coulson) will be there! And Jason Flemyng!! What a ledge. Both star in the film... I've had an exclusive look at the trailer... It's EPIC!

Oh... also Love Without A Cause (The song being used) has a video made from scenes from the film... WOOP! It will also be the debut live performance of the song so get your butts down and open your wallets to help out with crowdfunding this GREAT FILM!!!

Clark - Assistant to the Director... ;)