Waffle, Waffle, Waffle.

Soooo, been back for 2 weeks I ffink?! Isn't the weather AMAZING! Seriously though it's like a Welsh summer, fantastic! Well... what have we been up to since we've been back... going to sleep at normal times like 10pm and waking at 7am, I feel like I should be putting my blazer on and going to school, not that my school uniform was only a blazer... that'd just be mental, unless it was a sexy school. My school wasn't sexy, but the dinnerladies were amazing I miss them! especially Susan, but she was at my College, regardless she was a legend and if you're reading this now Susan then just imagine me shouting your name from the other end of the corridor SUSAN!

What a load of waffle that was...

Speaking of batter based snacks, Brighton decided to open a Krispey Kreme when we were away, Mike and I did say that when this opens we should use it as our "Meeting base" where we discuss our plans for global domination. Not been yet. But Marwoods coffee cafe round the corner on Middle/Ship street is very Vibey! Get a Mint and Chilli tea, YUM!

More waffle...

Guess what?... HA!

Im Thhhhhuper excited for our Dec 17th gig! woooo!!! If you haven't got your tickets yet, HURRY UP! I'm talking to my family here too... just assuming they can Waltz into their son's gig! The CHEEK!!! ;) Love you really (unconditional innit). We still have special things to announce about this gig so keep your Eyes, ears, fingers, bananas, and your Johns Peeled!... I liked that...

What else can I write to amuse/bore/entertain you? erm... OHHH I actually have a room and a REAL bed now and would like to take this opportunity to thank Scott and Tracy for giving me a place to mastu.... mass debate. Only joking... no locks on the doors yet! ;)

And also never forgetting two of my biggest buds (not in every sense, but in some) Craigylux and Chunkychirps along with Kell, Jayne, Ezz, Lill, Ron, Mind and Rooney for taking up their space before going to Oz, Thanks! XXX

I just downloaded The Crystal Maze app for my iPhone, Richard O'Brien is a leg-end!

Over and OUT!!!