What a weekend!

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SLIDE THROUGH THE PICS ABOVE :) Is it Tuesday already?!... forgive us musicians, we rarely get that 'Monday' feeling ;)

So the weekend had us playing at Lodestar Festival, Cambridge, where we caught up with our BBC Radio Cambridge soul-sister Sue Marchant, and played to one of the smiliest crowds we've seen all summer! Maybe because they'd all seen us on the bumper cars earlier... and the big inflatable slide... and the 'beat the goalie' corner... it's good to release your inner child now and again!

After one of the best 'All you can eat'-s I've personally had, we hit the hay for an early get up and go for the Big Feastival the next day. Turns out Alex James' house comes with loads of parking!

We filled our day and bellies with tasters, free scotch, foodie things, coconut water and alcoholic cloudy lemonade and slapped out probably our last festival set of the year :( But it ended well as we were invited back to an after party with our mates The Feeling, (our mate who stars in a film we have music on) Jason Flemyng, Mark Owen from 'Took This' and he's big, he's Red (used to be... now red and white) his feet stick out the bed, Peter Crouch, Peter Crouch! I can't remember the last time us lot were together in the same place!

Roll on next year... Bigger... Better... BRING IT!!

Clark - Festival Fool