Yo! What's-sup?!

So it's saturday and I plan on spending tonight playing Super Mario on the SNES. Yes, I'm Rock 'n' Roll as f**k... more like Toys 'r' Us... I did love a good mooch in a Toys 'r' Us... you think if I mention them again I'll get gift vouchers? TOYS 'R' US!!!!!!!! Today I had a grown up mooch around Brighton's famous - snoopers paradise, went in looking for some retro analogue gamage, nearly came out with a 16mm film projector, a set of silver cutlery, a telescope, a £45 original Star Wars storm-trooper figure and a bag of minstrels. But obviously this wally has forgotten his PIN and can't pay for anything in shops anymore, even when I ask them if I can fool the machine into asking me to swipe it, they look at me as if I'm a criminal... moving on.

Looking forward to seeing your faces at the Brunswick gig, even if you can't make it I wanna see your face, take a pic of it and mail it to the Brunswick... actually forget that, that's weird.

Anyway, in usual waffle tradition here is a video that has no relation to any (if any) subject written in this "Blog". I'm not comfortable saying that word, sounds like a marshland ready to explode.

And no that is not me with my hat off, the video clearly states that the people in the video are Carl Lewis and Handy Andy.

Peas, a pint of peas.